How to Make a Sticker in 3 Steps? Part Two

 How to Make a Sticker in 3 Steps? Part Two

2. Place an Order Online

   It’s good you have chosen your target; you have determined the number of prints to be made and you want to know the price for the manufacture of your stickers printing Singapore. Here comes the search for the best value for money.

Choose the mat finish or glossy support. Define the standard or custom format, there are modules that allow you to create a sticker with precise dimensions, shaping, quantity.

File control (essential if you do not fully master the graphics chain)

You must then send the visual to print and then continue with the classic ordering process for an e-commerce site. Once your order has been validated and paid for, it arrives at the printing plant.

3. Printing Your Sticker

   You can of course print a sticker on your home printer, on adhesive paper, this may be sufficient for a proof but for a professional output the result may be a bit amateurish. The colorimetry will not be the same on all the stickers and let us not talk about trimming with scissors. In short, forget this technique and come back to the professional ordering process. Immediately after the order has been confirmed on a printing web store, a graphic designer will check your order.

The file is manually checked and corrected to print a high-quality sticker. Even the files of experienced graphic designers are often corrected, the operator knows his machine park perfectly and makes small corrections. They will check the format, inking rate, colorimetry, cropping and refocusing of the visual. They also create the cutting file, generate a certified PDF file for printing. Creation of the purchase order with all the manufacturing information for the print operator.

The sticker then goes to printing, the time between ordering and printing is quite fast, generally from two hours to one day after your order, your file ends up in the printing workshop. Depending on the media chosen and the workload, your file is often being printed the same day you order.

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