How to Make a Sticker in 3 Steps? Part One

 How to Make a Sticker in 3 Steps? Part One

Stickers are everywhere in Street marketing operations, as goodies when buying a product, in short, it is the communication medium in vogue and for a good reason. Its price is very low, it can be original with a cut-out in the shape of the event logo, and most people love them.

Unlike flyers, which are most often thrown away without even being read, stickers are mostly stuck on by customers. Your brand is thus visible for a long time to the greatest number.

However, remember that it is forbidden to stick stickers anywhere, you can add the legal notice “to stick only on authorized places.” to protect you from any misuse of your advertising sticker in Singapore.

1. Create a Visual on a Layout Software

    To maintain the appeal of the adhesive backing, keep in mind that your visual should make you want to glue it. This can go through a humorous sentence, or through a very graphic visual creation, an original illustration.

Some logos or brands don’t need these tricks to make them want to stick their stickers anywhere. The brand image is strong enough, the sticker will quickly find its place on a whole bunch of objects. The example of board sports brands illustrates this point very well, skate, surf or snowboard addicts very often tear off the stickers of their favourite brand that they stick on their skate, board, etc.

Communication is then very easy by means of the sticker, but it is still necessary that your brand is desirable. So, once your original visual has won the unanimity of your neighbours and friends and that you are sure to have the perfect advertising sticker to highlight your company, then simply contact your supplier in order to choose the medium that will be most suited to your mission.

Amelie Deschamps

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