3 Important Design and Print Tips for Name Cards

Some people think name cards are no longer relevant. But actually, name cards still pose great importance, especially in the professional business world. A name card is considered proper for introducing yourself. Also, it can greatly help you in making a positive first impression, which you don’t get a second chance at. So, you have to make sure that your name card printing and design quality are impressive. How to do it? Well, read more below to find out.

1. Brand Design Consistency

Did you know that a name card is also a marketing tool? It goes beyond just an item to share contact information. So, before you design and print your name card, you have to make sure that you already have a settled company logo, brand color scheme, and typography that matches it all. So, when you design your name card, you already have a gist of how are you going to design it. Work the design of your name card around the company logo, typography, as well as color scheme to make your name card consistent with other branding items of your company. This will create a uniform look and makes it easier for your audience to link your name card to your company and brand. Branding is very important to grow trust and eventually win the market by getting closer to your target audiences.

2. Clear Information

A name card needs to be effective. In order to make sure that your name card works effectively, you must pay great attention to the information that you include in your name card. Your name card needs to only include information that is relevant to your business. DOn’t include ones that are not important. People won’t really pay attention to that or instead get distracted by that from the core information that you need to convey to the recipient of your name card. And putting too much information will only make your name card looks cramped as well, which is definitely not good. So, prioritize the information that you want to put in your name card and make sure they are the key information that must be present. For example, you should put your full name, job title, company, phone number, and email address. You can add more, but definitely don’t’ overdo it.

3.  Good Layout

In designing your name card, you have to make sure that all the elements still have a good distance between each other to make it not look cramped. For this, you have to arrange a good layout that accommodates all the key information as well as decoration and other design elements that need to be present on your name card design. Make sure that you also include a bleed area so that none of the important design will get trimmed after printing. Usually, the bleed area ranges from 3mm to 5mm, depending on the printer. So, it is best to ask the printing shop that you are working with regarding the required bleed area.

Amelie Deschamps

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