Weekend Links

  1. The Strangest Athlete Product Endorsements Ever. [Bleacher Report]
  2. Super Bowl of Beers: Wisconsin vs. Pennsylvania. [COED]
  3. Seven Bad White Rappers We Found Online. [Holy Taco]
  4. Vicious, Brutal, Unconscionable Tickle-Fight Bullying Attack Caught On Video. [Barstool NYC]
  5. Girl Scout Cookies I Wish Existed. [College Humor]
  6. Miniature TV Shows Are Miniature. [Next Round]
  7. The 10 Hottest Funny Chicks on TV [Complex]
  8. Lovely Lady of the Day: Jill Wagner [Hot Clicks]
  9. Charity Hodges at the Beach [Regretful Morning]
  10. 12 Annoying and Obnoxious People you Will Meet at a Super Bowl Party [The Bachelor Guy]
  11. Best. Laugh. Ever. [Gunaxin]
  12. 5 Bucket List Items to Cross Off in 2011 [Shave Magazine]
  13. The 9 best QB Match-ups in Super Bowl History [BroBible]
  14. Ohio State Recruit Arrested for Assault [AlwaysSunnyInDetroit]
  15. 5 Reasons To Watch the Super Bowl [Turd Ferguson]
  16. Random WTF!?!? [H8torade]
  17. Girlfriend Do’s and Dont’s [Mankind Unplugged]
  18. Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 Behind the Scenes via [The School Philly]


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Packers 27 – Steelers 17