Weekend Links

  1. best of nfl halloween photos

  2. monika pietrasinska may be the hottest chick on the planet…

  3. guy survival: 24 unusual uses for cooking spray other than keeping food from sticking to the pan

  4. i really like the lingerie football league

  5. the ultimate multi-tasking driver

  6. 10-barrel t-shirt gatling gun

  7. our oc chaney is going to cost us…

  8. malin akerman is on fire…

  9. the women of the golf channel’s “big break”

  10. top 10 sexy megan fox gifs

  11. trailer for brooklyn decker’s first movie, ‘just go with it,’ hits web

  12. dating a female jock

  13. nooner jobbie break with blake lively

  14. best of jenn sterger

  15. video game history in rap

  16. south park spoofs lebron’s “the decision”

Daily Link Drops

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Lindsay Lohan Vanity Fair Photos [MoonDog Sports]

FUNNY: Dave’s Awesome Video Resume. [Next Round]

10 Great Videos Featuring the Hilarious Danny McBride. [Unreality]

Michael Vick and the 20 Most Polarizing Athletes Ever. [Bleacher Report]

Mansers: Answers from Matt Manser [Buge Hoobs]

The Avengers Assemble In The Name Of Healthcare [Ned Hardy]

Tyyypical. Arizona fans assault Iowa fans [It’s Always Sunny in Detroit]

Design Your Own Snowboard in Time for Winter [Just A Guy Thing]

Don’t Mess with Mother Nature [H8torade]

Jack Daniels Limited Editon Black Bottle [Mankind Unplugged]

Rachel Bilson Makes out with a Girl [TurdFergusonBlog]

Rob Zombie Announces His Next Film Project [ABlog4Guys]

Daily Links

30 lbs Goldfish [aBlog4Guys]

Top 20 Schools to Attend for Just One Semester [BroBible]

4 Chick Blogs That Guys Should Check Out [Mankind Unplugged]

The Most Effective Sport for Cardio [Men’s Weekly]

Olivia Munn GQ Layout [MoonDog Sports]

Horrible Ways to Pick Up Women According to Movies. [Smoking Jacket]

A Letter To The Guy That Rides His Motorcycle Down My Street At 3 A.M. [Holy Taco]

Your 5 Awesome Music Selections For The Week. [Ned Hardy]

This is what a $90k Jeep looks like. [Just a Guy Thing]

35 Entertaining 404 Error pages of the day. [Mashable]

Blake Lively is the New Megan Fox [Gunaxin]

Funny Tshirts [Turd Ferguson Blog]

Dodgers Fan Uses His Face as a Glove [H8torade]

USC Linebacker Knocks out Hawaii QB [Guyism]

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