Weekend Links

  1. best of nfl halloween photos

  2. monika pietrasinska may be the hottest chick on the planet…

  3. guy survival: 24 unusual uses for cooking spray other than keeping food from sticking to the pan

  4. i really like the lingerie football league

  5. the ultimate multi-tasking driver

  6. 10-barrel t-shirt gatling gun

  7. our oc chaney is going to cost us…

  8. malin akerman is on fire…

  9. the women of the golf channel’s “big break”

  10. top 10 sexy megan fox gifs

  11. trailer for brooklyn decker’s first movie, ‘just go with it,’ hits web

  12. dating a female jock

  13. nooner jobbie break with blake lively

  14. best of jenn sterger

  15. video game history in rap

  16. south park spoofs lebron’s “the decision”

Weekend Links

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Jessica Alba Got Photobombed

Throwdown: Cowboys Fans vs. Texans Fans

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Drunken Man On Horse At MacDonalds Drive Thru

Hot Lea Michele In Marie Claire

I Will Be Antoine Dodson For Halloween

Mid-Week Link Drops

The 20 Most Distracting Sideline Reporters Ever. [Bleacher Report]

Rugby Dude Gets Laid The F-Out. [Barstool NYC]

Penn State Tailgating, for the win!!! [Friends of the Program]

Community Season One Remix FTW. [Next Round]

7 Best Tailgating Beers. [COED]

The 20 Worst Politician Names Of All Time. [Manofest]

15 Epic Costumes in Honor of Super Mario Bros.’ 25th Anniversey [BroBible]

Thinking Out of the Box for Getting That Job [MensWeekly]

Dear Girlfriend: I’m Into My Girlfriend’s Sister! [Mankind Unplugged]

Two Girls Throwing Down In The Woods [H8torade]

OOPS! Heidi Montag Has a Wardrobe Malfunction [Moondog Sports]

Fantasy Football Jesus – Week 1 Recap [Gunaxin]

Check out these Hilarious Pics of the Day [Turd Ferguson Blog]

Teenage Dream with a Little Person [SPEWF]

Daily Links

30 lbs Goldfish [aBlog4Guys]

Top 20 Schools to Attend for Just One Semester [BroBible]

4 Chick Blogs That Guys Should Check Out [Mankind Unplugged]

The Most Effective Sport for Cardio [Men’s Weekly]

Olivia Munn GQ Layout [MoonDog Sports]

Horrible Ways to Pick Up Women According to Movies. [Smoking Jacket]

A Letter To The Guy That Rides His Motorcycle Down My Street At 3 A.M. [Holy Taco]

Your 5 Awesome Music Selections For The Week. [Ned Hardy]

This is what a $90k Jeep looks like. [Just a Guy Thing]

35 Entertaining 404 Error pages of the day. [Mashable]

Blake Lively is the New Megan Fox [Gunaxin]

Funny Tshirts [Turd Ferguson Blog]

Dodgers Fan Uses His Face as a Glove [H8torade]

USC Linebacker Knocks out Hawaii QB [Guyism]

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Weekend Links – August 27th-29th

Jack Daniels Day? It’s Possible [MoonDog Sports]

A History of the 50 Greatest Animated GIFs of All Time. [Complex]

Zipper Boat and the Most Ludicrous Ships Ever Sailed. [Asylum]

Pics of the Day [Turd Ferguson Blog]

Perfect Summer Dates [Mankind Unplugged]

10 Awesome Japanese Titles for US films [Man Jr.]

7 things you learn when you’re an insomniac. [Guyism]

The 20 Hottest girls who are smarter than you. [Heavy]

TheDirty.com has to pay Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones $11 million [COED]

Twenty Talented Athletes Who Suck At Other Sports. [Bleacher Report]

15 of The Most Epic Mustaches Ever. [Evil Chili]

51 Seconds of your Life Will Not Be Wasted By Watching This Video [Ned Hardy]

Pushing Jeans to thew Absolute Limit [Fork Party]

Homeless Dude Playing Invisible Drums [9GAG]

Daily Links – August 18th

January Jones Replaces Alice Eve In “X-Men: First Class” [Screen Junkies]

  • Jennifer Freeman and the 10 Most Abusive Sports Wives. [Bleacher Report]
  • The 20 Coolest Celebrity Cars Of All Time. [sub5Zero]
  • The 20 Hottest Girls in Bikinis and Boots [Heavy]
  • Top 10: Weapons That Changed The World. [Ask Men]
  • The 15 Most “Punch in the Face” Worthy Justin Bieber Photos. [Unreality]
  • How to make beef jerky. [Maxim]
  • Brett Favre, Derek Jeter and the Top 20 Athlete Movie Cameos with Video. [Bleacher Report]
  • 10 things athletes say and what they really mean. [Guyism]
  • Useful TV Shows To Make You a Better Man [Mankind Unplugged]

Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman Kissing in Black Swan [MoonDog Sports]

Weekend Links – July 30th- Aug 1st

Snooki Arrested in Seaside Heights, New Jersey WITH PHOTOS [BroBible]

College Football’s Top 25 Tailgates. [Bleacher Report]

Hip Hop Grandpa Can Party With Me Any Day. [Barstool NYC]

5 Essentials Every Man Should Have at Home. [Leftos]

The 25 Greatest Moments In Bathroom Graffiti History. [Manofest]

The 20 Hottest Girls Posing With Their Reflections. [Heavy]

President Obama joins Madden 11. [Pigskin Doctors]

Four hoax websives people actually fell for. [Holy Taco]

Top 10: Ways To Score A Guidette, Starring Snooki. [Ask Men]

How To Talk To Women: Do You Know What To Say? [Mankind Unplugged]