Daily Link Drops – Monday April 5th

hot girls wearing jerseys (thechive)
the hottest girls of wrestlemania (bleacherreport)
idumpu4.com brings out the best in us all (asylum)
get your easter candy fix (maxim)
6 places to dump your girlfriend (mademan)
when violence can get cute (topcultured)
10-year old b-ball phenom (nqtc)
rihanna is hot (hailmaryjane)
the japanese love their soup (ejb)
why you should rob a bank (buzzfeed)

Daily Link Drops – Wed 3/31

Jayson Werth shaved his beard. RIP. [Hot Clicks] [The 700 Level]

Do hot waitresses get bigger tips? Here’s the answer. [Just a Guy Thing]

The funniest license plate you’ll see today. [One Quick Beer]

25 hot spring break girls. [Holy Taco]

Lenny Dykstra drops his $100 million dollar lawsuit against JP Morgan. [Dealbreaker]

The biggest collection of Jennifer Aniston butt pictures on the Internet. [Celeb Jihad]

Anyone want some tramp stamps? [Regretful Morning]


In honor of April Fools Day tomorrow http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/aprilfool/