20 Things About The Dos Equis Guy That Are Not Interesting

dosequis ab072210 e1279813141814 Lunchtime List: 20 Boring Things About the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In the World

  1. His real name is Don Smith
  2. His favorite ice cream is vanilla
  3. His favorite drink is ice
  4. He orders nachos with no cheese
  5. His mother has a tattoo that says “Son” but it’s only because her second husband is some Asian dude
  6. He doesn’t have sex often, but when he does, he prefers missionary
  7. He buys his cigars from an online store
  8. He owns one tuxedo which was purchased at a buy one get one free sale at Men’s Wearhouse
  9. He didn’t take the free one because he thought owning two tuxedos would make him look flashy and arrogant
  10. He played slow pitch softball as a teen
  11. He’s never broken a single bone
  12. He’s allergic to gluten
  13. He made all of his money by way of sound investments in stable markets over a long period of time
  14. He has a dog named Fido and a cat named Paws
  15. He drinks decaf
  16. His drug of choice is optimism
  17. He once dated Pamela Anderson, but not THE Pamela Anderson
  18. He prefers Leno
  19. He once wore white after Labor Day on a dare
  20. His favorite band is Coldplay

Breaking News: Duce Staley Got Fat


The Eagles could use a new Nose Tackle. Sign him up!

According to CrossingBroad:

“At this point, the the former Eagles running back should just be called Triple Staley (heyyo).  The guys over at The Wiz Wit (great blog) point out that Duce, who was visiting training camp yesterday, has packed on a few poundssince his playing days.”

He’s starting to catch up to Andy Reid

Is that you Duce, trying to hide behind McCoy?