AFC/NFC Championship and SuperBowl Links

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  1. Great touchdown dance

  2. VIDEO: Camera Catch Mark Sanchez Picking Nose, Wiping Booger on Mark Brunell

  3. VIDEO: Rashard Mendenhall Dry-Humps Ben Roethlisberger

  4. Is There Anything Worse Than Being A Mets/Jets

  5. Vendor Sells Beer in Soldier Field Bathroom at NFC Championship Game

  6. Bears, Packers, and Jets Fans Remix Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Black and Yellow’

  7. If This Packer Fan Is Indeed Drinking His Own Urine, This Video Might Be Really Gross

  8. Jay Cutler Bitched Out

  9. Has Anyone Found Jay Cutler’s Testicles?

  10. Bears Are Screwed; Obama Picks Them to Beat Packers

  11. Will The Guy With This License Plate Be Alive After Today?

  12. Should We Be Cutting Jay Some Slack Here?

  13. NFC Championship Recap in Pics

  14. Is It Better Or Worse That The “Jew” York Jets Typo Happened In Kentucky?

Jets-Steelers Reaction in a Word Cloud

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