A Duck That Looks Like Marilyn Monroe

Is it a duck or a blond bombshell? With its bouffant “hairdo,” this quacker bears a strange resemblance to Marilyn Monroe.

Known as a crested duck, its chic hairstyle is caused by a deformity in the skull. The growth, covered in feathers, is made of fatty tissue which protrudes through a gap in the skull. The size of the growth varies for each duck.

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Brian Berger’s NFL Locks for Week #9

Guest post by @BSB84


And my season of redemption continues, 4-0 last week bringing my record to 19-11-2.  Just so everyone knows, everything that came out of my mouth last year in regards to sports was wrong.  Literally, every single word.  Big weekend coming up as I’m running the NYC marathon.  Good times.  Anyway, onto this weeks picks.

Atl -8.5 vs TB.  I’ll give the points against the  “best team in the NFC.”  The two times Tampa has played a good team this year (Pitt & NO) they have been outscored 69-19.

Chicago -3 vs Buffalo.  I know that Chicago is in a free fall and that the Bills are actually playing pretty well.  But still, there is just something about this game.

SD -3 vs Houston. I’m 1-1 with SD the past two weeks, this is the tiebreaker.  Houston has no heart, every time they are expected to win they lose and when they are out of it, they finally win.  Pip Rivers may throw for 800 yards in this game.

Det +4 vs NYJ.  Just an all around great performance by the Jets last weekend after their bye week.  Solid on all accounts.  As an unabashed Pats fan I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though the game sucked and made me want to gouge my eyes out.  The Lions have been pretty decent this year at home and Megatron is on a tear.