Keenan Cahill (Feat. 50 Cent) – Down On Me

Keenan Cahill is that teenage YouTube sensation who does those popular lip-synching videos. 50 Cent is a popular hip hop artist who has been known to drop in on popular YouTube microcelebs in what amounts to cheap but powerful viral marketing, and probably a lot of fun.

Keenan Cahill has a rare genetic disorder called Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, also known as MPS-VI. This disorder, which affects one in 25,000 people, has no known cure.

A Duck That Looks Like Marilyn Monroe

Is it a duck or a blond bombshell? With its bouffant “hairdo,” this quacker bears a strange resemblance to Marilyn Monroe.

Known as a crested duck, its chic hairstyle is caused by a deformity in the skull. The growth, covered in feathers, is made of fatty tissue which protrudes through a gap in the skull. The size of the growth varies for each duck.

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