Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

In honor of one of my favorite actor’s birthday today (36 yrs old), here are my top 10 favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movies.


10.) What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

9.) Blood Diamond

8.) The Beach

7.) Revolutionary Road

6.) Titanic

5.) Gangs of New York

4.) Inception

3.) Catch Me If You Can

2.) The Departed

1.) Shutter Island

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Keenan Cahill (Feat. 50 Cent) – Down On Me

Keenan Cahill is that teenage YouTube sensation who does those popular lip-synching videos. 50 Cent is a popular hip hop artist who has been known to drop in on popular YouTube microcelebs in what amounts to cheap but powerful viral marketing, and probably a lot of fun.

Keenan Cahill has a rare genetic disorder called Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, also known as MPS-VI. This disorder, which affects one in 25,000 people, has no known cure.