Merry Cliffmas and Happy Halleedays!

Cliff Lee, Philadelphia Phillies Reportedly Agree To $100 Million Contract

And Now, Your Morning Cliff Lee Mass Freakout

Cliff Lee Is Back! Deal Worth Upwards of $120M, Possibly $135M

One Year Later, Lee Rejoins the Phillies

Phillies add Lee for extra Christmas gift to fans

Daily News Back Page: Merry Cliffmas

Graph of the Intermittent Time Period

Just how good is the Phillies’ starting rotation now that Cliff Lee is back?

New York City Man Gets Stuck Between Subway Train and Platform

According to NYPost:

“These harrowing pictures show a subway rider’s agony as he stands crushed between a subway train and platform Friday night.

Michael Dion, 41, grimaced in terrible pain as the hydraulic platform extender drove into his midsection at the Union Square station — and he remained helplessly pinned there for nearly 30 minutes before workers managed to free him.”

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Brian Berger’s NFL Locks for Week #14

Guest post by @BSB84


Good god I love Tom Brady.  He could be the spokesman for L’Oreal and I think my man crush for him would grow  to greater heights than it already is.  2-2 and last week, but that guarantees I had a better week than the Jets.
Jax -4 vs Oakland.  Time to start believing in the Jags folks (you know unlike the Bears who I STILL don’t think are good).  Plus you have the West Coast team making the trip to the Eastern Time Zone.  Never works well.
Minny +3 vs NYG.  The Vikings have owned the Giants as of late.  Whether or no Favrah plays I still think they win, and the Birds lose, which sets up a showdown next week at the Meadowlands.
SD -9 vs KC.  Brodie Croyle.
Bal -3 vs Houston.  I expect (yinz see) Flacco to have a huge day against a terrible pass defense.  The Ravens defense is playing extremely well and I just think the Texans are close to folding.