Just When You Thought Teva Couldn’t Get Any More Lame

teva sandals, the lamest, dorkiest sandal of all time just got a little nerdier. just when you thought teva’s with socks was the worst it could get, teva introduces a new sandal with a led light on it.

the teva illum (msrp: $50), a state-of-the- art flip-flop complete with waterproof, detachable led lights connected to the straps. the illum replaces the headlamp with the pedlamp to create “the glow from below,” a convenient and practical way to avoid the pitfalls of stumbling around in the dark.

the newly engineered topsole material and microfiber strap lining make the sandals appealing to the feet during daylight hours and the spider365 rubber outsole offers plenty of traction. but it’s at night when the illum truly shines, leaving darkness a step behind.

get it: at rei (1416 platte st.) or teva.com

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James Bond’s Aston Martin For Sale At Auction for $5 Million

According to Philly.com

LONDON – The Aston Martin driven by Sean Connery in the James Bond movies is going on sale at a London auction in October.

The silver 1964 Aston Martin DB5, dubbed by car auctioneers RM Auctions as “the world’s most famous car,” is expected to fetch at least $5 million.

The car is one of only two original Aston Martins featured on screen with Sean Connery behind the wheel in “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball.” It comes with Bond gadgets including fake machine guns, revolving number plates and smoke screen.

The model is being sold by U.S. radio broadcaster Jerry Lee, who bought it for $12,000 in 1969. It has since remained in his home and rarely been seen publicly.

RM Auctions said Tuesday the car is going under the hammer Oct. 27.”

Jerry Lee is the owner of Philly’s own B101 radio station. I valet parked at his house once and he personally took me into his man cave in his basement to see the car. It is awesome. He also has a sick pinball machine collection.

Check out the secret Photos of the original silver 1964 Aston Martin DB5 from Jerry Lee’s Man Cave

The Coolest Yacht Ever

wally hermes yacht 468x270 Hermès & Wally eco friendly luxury yacht

French luxury clothing designer Hermes and Monaco based yacht maker Wally have collaborated to create the ultimate luxury yacht.

The watercraft by Wally-Hermes Yachts, dubbed WHY for short, are the perfect mix of luxury and “green” living.

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Rafael Nadal Wears $525K Watch at French Open

“Check out the $525,000 RM 027 Tourbillon timepiece that tennis great Rafael Nadal is sporting at this year’s French Open. With a carbon-composite case and lithium alloys, the watch weighs in at a mere 20 grams — supposedly light enough to not interfere with Nadal’s game”

via Men’sFitness

Here’s a closeup of the special edition Nadal watch from Swiss watchmaker Richard Milleu. Only 50 of the timepieces will be prodced:

4 Ugly Cars Only Their Mothers Could Love

By Tom Ripley for Driving Today

Certainly the world has seen its share of ugly babies. I could tell you of a child I saw just last week … well, let’s just move on. Undoubtedly, despite the way that child looked, we are sure it’s mother loved it just the same. And so it is with ugly cars.

For reasons known only to God and the executive committees that approved them, ugly cars exist in nature. And in spite of their often ungainly and grotesque countenances, somebody loves them. So let’s celebrate that unconditional love by taking a closer look at the pantheon of cars only their mother could love.

Ugly Car No. 1: AMC Pacer
Sure, this is the go-to ugly car, but it is the go-to because it was so ugly. Looking something like an upside-down cereal bowl balancing on toothpicks, the Pacer’s body was way too big for its undersized tires. To that, you can add positively enormous side glass, windshield and backlight, allowing you a very good look at the idiot who bought it. ­Inside, the over-long six-cylinder engine intrudes into the passenger compartment because when AMC designed it, they thought it would be equipped with a more compact, rotary engine. (more…)

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