Brian Berger’s NFL Locks for Week #4

Guest post by @BSB84


I sit here and write these on a Thursday morning.  I’m going on a bachelor party this weekend so if the lines changes, well then so be it.  It’s my post. PRof, if you would have bet with me through the first three weeks you would be two games above .500.  However, I guess after how last year went there was nowhere to go but up.

Cleveland +3 vs Cincinnati.  What is Vegas’ infatuation with the Bengals? Carson Palmer is not a good QB anymore and the Browns played some inspiring football last week against the Ravens.

New York (Giants) – 4 vs Chicago.  Vegas is begging you to take the Bears in this game, which is precisely while I will go the other way.

San Fran + 7 vs Atlanta.  I feel a little bit of a let down game for Atlanta (although I expect them to win).  Plus SF is in full desperation mode and I expect a great motivational speech by Singletary that includes pulling down his pants again.

Philly – 6.5 vs Washington.  Go Mike Vick… the 9 second mark

Brian Berger’s NFL Locks for Week #3

Guest post by @BSB84

After a disappointing week last week going ? my record for the season is ? I’m looking for a bounce back week.

Vikings -12 over Detroit.  I know that Detroit has looked pretty spry but they have a 21 game road losing streak and the Vikes are pretty much playing for their season.  Although Childress still sucks.

Falcons +4 over the Saints.  Got to give some love to Ira and his team this week.

Cowboys +3 over the Texans.  Even though the Texans have given up over 900 yards in passing the first two weeks I expect the cowboys to run it and control the pace of the game.  Although if the cowboys do lose and go to 0-3 it will make me extremely happy

Ravens – 11 over the Browns.  The Browns suck, plain and simple.  I expect that this is the week that the Ravens get back on track and hopefully a full dose of Ray Rizzy!