Product Review: The new Gillette BODY razor

It’s undeniable that body shaving is on the rise. A recent study conducted by Gillette shows that 73% of U.S. men have shaved or trimmed some part of their body before, and 84% of men who currently shave at least one body part say they shave it year-round. But while body shaving is becoming more and more popular, men have largely been navigating without the proper tools, instead experiencing itchiness (50%), nicks and cuts (45%), and not being able to get a close shave (35%). Add to the list that 58% of men said they believed a better razor would enhance their overall body shaving experience and it was obvious that it was time for Gillette to step in.

The new Gillette BODY razor features:

  • A rounded cartridge so it glides with incredible comfort
  • 3 lubricating bars for outstanding glide
  • Non-slip grip for exceptional control, even in the shower

And here’s a quick infographic on Body Shaving 101. Enjoy.



Product Review: Philips Sonicare Power Up

Product Review: Philips Sonicare Power Up

Philips Sonicare Power Up ReviewIf you haven’t tried a Sonicare toothbrush yet, then what are you waiting for? The folks over at Philips were kind enough to get me a sample and to be honest I feel like an idiot… I have been avoiding the Sonicare toothbrush idea for the past 5 years. Everyone has been telling me to go for it, and I ignore the hype. But now, I could not be happier, my only regret is not trying it sooner. My mouth has never felt so clean before. I can’t speak for all brands, but I can say the Philips Sonicare Power Up is top notch, and only $19.99!
Here’s some more info…
Power Up Your Smile
From the #1 recommended power toothbrush brand by dental professionals worldwide, the NEW Philips Sonicare Power Up delivers more brush strokes in one day than a manual can provide in a month!

Sonicare Power Up is also proven to gently remove 2x more plaque in hard-to-reach places than a manual toothbrush, reducing the risk of cavities and improving gum health. According to a recent study of manual toothbrush users, three out of four people surveyed preferred Power Up over their current manual toothbrush.

Enhanced Brushing Experience:

  • A month’s worth of brushstrokes in one day
  • Better plaque removal as compared to a manual toothbrush – up to 75% more overall, and up to 2x more in hard-to-reach places
  • Safe and gentle on gums and teeth
  • Powerful but gentle cleaning action drives fluid deep between teeth
  • Noticeable results and a better check-up in 28 days or your money back

Convenient Features:

  • Slim handle design is easy to maneuver
  • 2-minute timer ensures fulfillment of dentist-recommended brushing time


Available at Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and
Suggested Retail Price: $19.99
Visit for additional information

That Kid That’s an Extra in Every Movie, Jesse Heiman, Get’s His Own Documentary

Jesse Heiman_World's Greatest Extra_Documentary

Magic Happens Productions Launches Jesse Heiman Documentary on Kickstarter

Production company will use crowdfunding to raise money for its first documentary, World’s Great Extra Los Angeles, CA (July 3, 2013):

Magic Happens Productions, LLC announces the launch of a Kickstarter crowdfunding
campaign for their new feature-length documentary film, JESSE HEIMAN: WORLD’S GREATEST
EXTRA. With a goal of $65,000 to be raised over a period of 30 days, starting on July 3, 2013 at 12:01AM ET,
producers Nick Weis and Emily Carroll, are turning to the global community of Heiman’s fans for support.
The film follows a year in the life of Jesse Heiman as he tries to parlay his career of, predominantly, background
extra work into the realm of being a leading man, riding momentum generated from a 2013 Super Bowl commercial.
The concept was inspired by the “World’s Greatest Extra” viral video on YouTube, created by Swedish native,
Wilhelm Hempel. In the digital equivalent to Where’s Waldo, Hempel highlights Heiman as a background extra in
more than 25 different Blockbuster films and TV shows. From “Chuck” to “Arrested Development”, CATCH ME
IF YOU CAN and SPIDERMAN, Jesse’s face is recognizable to audiences worldwide. With more than 3.3 million
views, Hempel’s video caught the attention of Director/Producer, Nick Weis, from Louisville, KY.
“Jesse’s face is one people know but surprisingly his name isn’t. I found [Wilhelm’s] YouTube video and five hours
later, I was engulfed in Jesse’s blog and Twitter,” says Weis. “As a documentary filmmaker, he’s the kind of subject
you dream of finding.” Curiosity led to a Facebook message, and when Jesse showed interest in the project, Weis
reached out to long-time friend and filmmaker, Emily Carroll, to partner in producing the film.
“Jesse’s story is pretty fascinating and profoundly happenstance,” says Carroll, “But even more compelling is his
earnest demeanor and how he handles the world — and people — around him.”
The Kickstarter campaign will conclude on Thursday, August 2, 2013 at 12:01AM, and must raise at least
$65,000 to get funded. With rewards ranging from t-shirts to video messages, digital downloads and original art, the
campaign is utilizing Heiman’s celebrity in hopes his international fan base will respond. Money raised in this
campaign will go toward buying production equipment and insurance, crew and travel expenses, and other costs
related to 8 additional months of principal photography. A portion of each dionation is tax-deductible through
partnership with Heiman’s favorite 501(c)(3), The Poopie Foundation (dba Lucky Puppy Rescue and Retail), located
in Studio City, California.

Twitter: @JesseHeimanFilm




Where to bet online for Horse Racing and the Triple Crown

Guest Post by @Mike_Prince21


With the Triple Crown just around the corner, you may need to look for a place to do your sports betting – somewhere to bet on the horses you think could win you money, but without actually traveling all the way to Kentucky, Maryland or New York.

If you use Bovada, you can take advantage of special offers they currently have or ones which will be available before each of the races over the next two months.  When you make your initial deposit, enjoy the bonus money they give you to gamble with, money which could help you to a very good big payout. You can also read Bovada Sportsbook reviews here from other sites.

And the best thing about betting on the horses online is how much fun you can have with it.  Single bet, betting on a horse to place, trifectas, superfectas – whatever you want.  Just click random boxes for a few dollars here and there like you’re playing roulette directly on your computer.  And then watch as your $5 can turn into $100 in just 90 seconds.

If you are interesting in getting into sports betting, then use the websites to guide you with some easy tips and directions on how to make your bets.  Online sportsbooks give you all the information you need, from stats to odds to all the details of the specific event you are gambling on when you’re ready to place your bets. Also, check out the Sportsbook list

If you win money, simply cash out and make a withdrawal and wait for your money to show up in your bank account with a transfer or at your front door via a check.

As someone who personally won a ton of money using Bovada last year to bet on the Triple Crown, I knew that when I cashed out big time on the horse, “I’ll Have Another,” I signed directly back onto Bovada and said to myself, “That was a good win.  I’ll have another.”

Horse Racing

4 Best Things About Sports Betting in Las Vegas

Guest post by @BSB84

I recently went out to Las Vegas with some friends for the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament. This was a weekend we had been discussing for sometime and we were finally able to pull it all together. We got there late Thursday night and spent all day Friday and Saturday in the sports-books watching college basketball (and horse racing) and betting constantly.  There was just so much to like about the whole experience (outside of nighttime activities):

  1. The ebbs and flows of the sports-book crowd as games come down to the wire and different people had different bets hanging in the balance (people were legit screaming as if they were watching their favorite team)
  2. The large screen TVs that are showing all of the action, plus the individual one you get at your seat so you can focus on the action that you want to focus on
  3. Being able to look at the betting sheets and then just walking up to the teller giving her the numbers of the teams you want to bet and the type of bet and getting a ticket
  4. The free drinks

We had such a great time that we are already starting to talk about the same weekend for next year. Onto more important things though before I leave, such as sports betting.

Sports betting has always been a big interest of mine and it’s something that I do on a semi-regular basis. The ease with which to bet on sporting events while in Vegas was unmatched and because of that, I got the itch to start doing it more once I returned.  Check out the best USA sports book. It’s easy to sign up, make bets and find exactly what you need. I find myself going to the site everyday and perusing lines that I see value in.  If you can’t get to Vegas, this is the next best option.

New Gillette commercial featuring Kate Upton, Hannah Simone and Genesis Rodriguez

Check out Kate Upton in the new Gillette Commercial


Should men style their body hair? We’ve seen it in the movies and on TV but it’s hard to tell where Hollywood glam ends and where real life begins. The general perception amongst men is Yes, I should style my body hair. But how? And where?

Gillette is coming to the aid of men everywhere by sharing news from a recent survey and also giving men an open forum to ask everything they ever wanted to know about body grooming but were too afraid to ask. And who better to start the conversation than Hollywood hotties Kate Upton, Hannah Simone and Genesis Rodriguez?

The three beauties will share the opinions of women across the country to help men understand “What Women Want” when it comes to men’s body hair styling. For the first time in Gillette’s 100+ year history, the brand is partnering with female spokespeople to spearhead an integrated marketing campaign across broadcast, print, digital and social – in support of the Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide Styler™ – the 3-in-1 tool is perfect for body hair styling as it trims, shaves and edges.

The campaign leads up to a first-ever live body hair styling event on April 18th. The event will stream live online and feature Kate, Hannah and Genesis taking questions and sharing their opinions on male body hair styling. Viewers will be able to send in questions via Twitter (@gillette #whatwomenwant), on Gillette’s Facebook page, and directly through a YouTube module.

In the meantime, Gillette’s recent national survey revealed the following statistics:

·         74% of women feel that guys should definitely style areas of their body
·         69%*of men say that women influence how they style their body hair – this number jumps to 79% for 18-24 year old men.
·         Top three reasons women say a guy should style his body hair:

1) Hygienic reasons
2) Romantic encounters
3) Hanging out at the beach
·         Most popular area for men to style their body hair: groin. Second most popular: chest.
·         Younger men (18-34) are significantly more likely to say that styling makes them feel ‘more confident’.
·         Shaving is the most common way men style, although men 25-34 years of age are waxing in higher proportions than are other men.

check out the press release… (more…)

Gillette’s Spring Break Tour with Katrina Bowden

Katrina Bowden Gillette Spring BreakGillette will be visiting 6 top Spring Break sites over the next two weeks and giving guys free shaves and free Gillette products. The tour officially launches this Friday in Miami with Katrina Bowden inviting guys on spring break to stay smooth shaven all week long.

Spring Break means a break from school, work and any and all responsibilities – but it shouldn’t mean a break from grooming and style.

Guys put a lot of effort into preparing for spring break – they work out more, eat better, maybe do a few push-ups in their hotel room before heading out… But this spring break, Gillette is giving guys some important tips, straight from the ladies, to help guys make sure they don’t stumble at the finish line.

Gillette recently conducted a 16-city live survey to determine what women found most kissable. The results are in and 85% of women across the country declared they prefer to kiss a guy who’s smooth shaven. Furthermore, two out of three women said men will have better luck with them if they are smooth shaven.

To help guys achieve the look most appealing to the ladies, Gillette’s K.I.S.S. (Keep It Smooth Shaven) tent is visiting six of the top break destinations (South Padre Island, Miami, Lake Havasu City, Daytona Beach, Las Vegas and Panama City Beach) this March. Gillette will offer guys a free place to get smooth shaven using the latest Gillette products like the Gillette Fusion ProGlide SilverTouch, so nothing, not even sensitive skin, can come between them and their most kissable face. Guys will also be able to take pictures and receive free grooming products courtesy of Gillette!

Gillette K.I.S.S. Spring Break Tour Stops:
March 12 – 13: South Padre Island, TX (Padre South Hotel)
March 15-16: Bayside Marketplace, Miami, FL
March 17: Lake Havasu City, AZ (London Bridge Resort)
March 19: Daytona Beach, FL (Ocean Deck Restaurant & Beach Club)
March 20-21: Las Vegas, NV (Bally’s Las Vegas)
March 21: Panama City Beach, FL (Holiday Inn Resort)
March 22: Panama City Beach, FL (Club La Vela)