Ian Benardo Interupts Dane Cook on American Idol

On the season finale on American Idol, Dane Cook put on his version of a comedy song, similar to what Adam Sandler does, except it was painfully bad. Luckily, this guy Ian Benardo, a former Idol laughing stock ran onto the stage and stole the microphone yelling out it was his Kanye moment and how he was going to replace Simon Cowell as a judge. Another girl on stage tried to wrestle the microphone away from him but he wouldn’t let go. Finally the cameramen veered off the stage shot and Idol hit commercial break. see more here…

Thank god because Dane Cook was making a fool of himself, as if his acting career wasn’t bad enough.

Aziz Ansari to Host MTV Movie Awards

According to The New York Times: “MTV has named the host of its annual movie awards, and it’s a sort of surprise if you don’t keep up with industry chatter or were expecting the gig to go to Snooki. Aziz Ansari, a comedian and a co-star of the NBC comedy “Parks and Recreation,” will be the M.C. of the 2010 Movie Awards, the cable channel said on Monday, confirming longstanding reports (like this one from The Los Angeles Times in March) that he was in negotiations for the job.”

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