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PSU’s Dime a Dozen

Name- Colby
Major- Finance/ Psych minor
Age/Year- 20/Junior
Hometown- DuBois, PA
Relationship Status- Taken :P
Sorority- No

  1. Coolest protest sign ever

  2. Katy Perry looking like her usual uber hot self

  3. Yankee Stadium Football Experience Vs. Wrigley Field Football Experience: You Make The Call

  4. Walking On 900ft Tower

  5. Just Your Everyday Naked Dude In A Library Throwing Books Everywhere

  6. The 50 Most Popular Women on the Web

  7. This Week’s New Music You Should Know About, Presented By Olivia Munn

  8. Angelina is HOT?

  9. Naked Grandma!

  10. Paul Pierce Mocks LeBron Via Twitter

  11. Norwegian Woman Deemed ‘Too Sexy’ To Be Police Officer

  12. Mustaches Make a Difference (Pics)

  13. Fatheadz Eyewear: Glasses to Fit Your Fat Head

  14. He-Man Gin, Whisky, and XXX Rum

Who’s the Hottest Woman on The Office?

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Mid-Week Links

  1. 20 Hot Female Celebrities Photographed With Regular Dudes

  2. The 2011 Hot Shots calendar will make your face melt

  3. Awesome Brooklyn Decker GIF of the day

  4. The 50 Most Popular Women on the Web

  5. Top 10: Slightly Unique and Interesting Gifts

  6. Four star football recruit commits to five different schools over Twitter

  7. Top 10 NCAA Ballers You Don’t Know, But Should

  8. Microsoft Kinect Looks Like Fun!

  9. Taylor Cole is The Event’s hottest babe

  10. The 50 Hottest Russian chicks

  11. The Coke Machine of the Future is Frozen (Video)

  12. Move over Corndogs… Sushi On a Stick is Here

  13. The 35 Greatest Cartoon-Character Mustaches and Beards

  14. Coolest Groom’s Cake Ever


Weekend Links

  1. Best of NFL Halloween Photos

  2. Monika Pietrasinska May Be The Hottest Chick On The Planet…

  3. Guy Survival: 24 Unusual Uses for Cooking Spray Other Than Keeping Food from Sticking to the Pan

  4. I Really Like The Lingerie Football League

  5. The Ultimate Multi-Tasking Driver

  6. 10-Barrel T-Shirt Gatling Gun

  7. Our OC Chaney is going to cost us…

  8. Malin Akerman Is On Fire…

  9. The Women of the Golf Channel’s “Big Break”

  10. Top 10 Sexy Megan Fox Gifs

  11. Trailer for Brooklyn Decker’s First Movie, ‘Just Go With It,’ Hits Web

  12. Dating a Female Jock

  13. Nooner Jobbie Break with Blake Lively

  14. Best of Jenn Sterger

  15. Video game history in rap

  16. South Park Spoofs LeBron’s “The Decision”

Weekend Links

Hot Celebrity Before And Afters

The 25 Worst Candy Names Of All Time

Helpful Halloween Party Tips

At Least You’re Not This Guy.

The Top 10 Halloween Parties in New York City

6 Halloween Cocktails to Add Some Trick to Your Treats

7 tasteless Halloween costumes for 2010

20 Awesome Things Found In Japanese Vending Machines

Capri Anderson: Charlie Sheen’s Mystery Girl

50 Hottest Solo Jenn Sterger Pics

The 20 Hottest Photos Of Nadine Velazquez

Miami Heat: 10 Reasons the Team Will Not Win the 2011 NBA Title

Mini Pie Throwing Catapult

Jay Cutler Dos Equis Spoof

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Mid-Week Links

Don Corrleone Classic Frat Bros Haywood Jablomi Classic Frat Bros

BroBible Launches ‘Classic Frat Bros,’ Our Newest Tumblr Photo Blog!

Nothing Says “Sunday” Like a Bloody Mary

I miss LOST and Evangeline Lilly

Sexiest Halloween Costumes of 2010

Megan Fox as The Mona Lisa

And This Is Why I Never Give Beggars Money

Ochocinco’s Super Bowl Prediction Looking Grim

MUST HAVE – Official Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker

NFL Illegal Hits Explained by Punter Chris Kluwe [DIAGRAM]

Audrina Patridge…UH YUMP!!!

Weekend Links

  1. The Zach Galifianakis Swimsuit Calendar

  2. New Addiction: YourMomWasHot.com

  3. Anyone In The Mood For Jessica Biel?

  4. Aly Michalka Is Smoking Hot

  5. Steve-O Catches Fire on The Howard Stern Show

  6. Random Hottie: Lindsay Matway

  7. Hottest Girls In Jerseys

  8. The World’s Fastest Helicopter

  9. 15 Songs That Will Put You In A Good Mood

  10. China-Brazil Basketball Game Ends In Brawl

  11. Sesame Street Spoofs The Old Spice Guy