Hershey Park Flood Pics

Check out these pics of Hershey Park from the flood today. Hershey Park flooding photos from around the net…


“Road collapse on 322” near Hershey, Pa. (Chris Davidson posted on Facebook)

Flooded Hersheypark with a view of roller coasters Storm Runner & Trail Blazer. The Storm Runner clearly did not outrun this storm.

Main gates of Hersheypark. “No wonder they closed this weekend” (Heather Rivera posted on Facebook)

Hersheypark: A view of Park Ave. from Trinidad Ave. (Facebook photo from Erica Arter)

Explore a 78-square-foot “Midtown Mansion”

This is the apartment of Luke Clark Tyler, an architect that lives in Hell’s Kitchen in a 78 square feet of space. Another compromise: a common bathroom with three other tenants in the building. He pays about $800 a month for his “midtown mansion.”





In a video posted on Faircompanies.com, Luke Clark Tyler gives a tour of his tiny studio and the furniture he’s built to make the most out of the shoebox space. Tyler’s last apartment in New York was 96 square feet. Between that apartment and this one, he said he lived in a place in Kenya “half the size of this and made of mud. So for me, this is like a big step up. It’s all relative.”


iPad cases made of Bernie Madoff’s clothes

From the NY Post:

Tech entrepreneur John Vaccaro bought up much of Madoff’s wardrobe at auction and had the clothing cut up and refashioned into $500 app-arel.

The first five iPad cases, made from a navy blue Christian Dior sweater and a Bergdorf Goodman cardigan, “sold almost instantly, just by word of mouth,” Vaccaro told The Post.

“A Wall Street lawyer wanted to give them as Christmas presents,” he said.

Vaccaro’s company, Frederick James, had already been making iPad covers out of cashmere, but when he heard about the Madoff auction last fall, the idea clicked.

Frederick James