Gawker’s 17 Signs That Your Poor in a City

  1. Your apartment has four times the number of roommates as it has bathrooms or double the number of inhabitants as it has rooms.
  2. You steal all your toilet paper from public restrooms and use napkins from pizza places as Kleenex.
  3. Your diet consists of dumplings, Ramen noodles, and the sandwiches you buy right before the store closes that are half off.
  4. You have had to make the choice between buying cigarettes and buying food. Cigarettes won.
  5. You say that not having cable is a “lifestyle choice” and you “don’t watch television anyway” but you go over a friend’s house to watch True Blood or the Real Housewives.
  6. You drink water at the bar on the 14th of the month and then run to the ATM at 12:01 once your direct deposit went through. Then it’s time for a real drink.
  7. You take the bus.
  8. You know when things go on sale at the thrift store.
  9. A career in porn/escorting/stripping is a serious consideration. (Yes, your mother will find out.)
  10. You plan an entire weekend around drink specials and open bars.
  11. All of your furniture is from Craigslist.
  12. You net more money from eBaying your possessions than from your actual job.
  13. You cut your own bangs and you think they look good. (They don’t.)
  14. Your mattress is on the floor.
  15. You have gone out on a date with someone unattractive for a free dinner.
  16. You spent more than 17 seconds trying to figure out your neighbors’ Wi-Fi passwords so you don’t have to pay for internet service.
  17. You don’t live in a loft, you sleep on one.

via Gawker