In-N-Out Burger Chain Expanding?

Maybe the April Fools In-N-Out Burger Rumors were real?…

According to MSN: “In-N-Out Burger, a privately held West Coast fast-food chain with a rabid and almost cultlike following, has been slow to expand beyond California because of its rather unusual business practices. But the In-N-Out philosophy has also resulted in unmatched popularity that has current locations swamped. The only thing to do is open more stores.

And if the rumor mill has any truth to it, the next In-N-Out Burger location is due for Dallas — a sign that the company may be reaching eastward and looking to take a bite out of McDonald’s (MCD), Burger King (BKC) and other fast-food stocks.”

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Introducing The Philly Cheesesteak Pretzel

Cheesesteak Pretzel makes official debut today

By Peter Mucha

Inquirer Staff Writer

The marriage of two of Philadelphia’s favorite foodstuffs was celebrated today with a lunchtime giveaway at Love Park.

Meet the Cheesesteak Pretzel: a handheld cheesesteak baked inside soft-pretzel dough.

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Just When You Thought Taco Bell Couldn’t Get Any Better…

That’s right, not only is their food delicious, but this lucky customer just had the best day of their life.

According to The, A young woman in her 20s, driving a silver SUV, got more than burritos when she went through the drive through at the Taco Bell on Brown Street, near the University of Dayton campus and Miami Valley Hospital.

Instead of a bag containing her order, she got a bag containing the restaurant’s morning bank deposit — about $2,000.

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