Brian Berger’s NFL Locks for Week #6

Brian Berger’s NFL Locks for Week #4

Guest post by @BSB84
Good week last week, going 10-4 and bringing my overall record to 40-33-2
Here were the pics since we didn’t get them up in time…
Now for this week…
NY Jets -3 vs Indy – Classic sucker bet right here
NE -3.5 vs Seattle – Is this the game that we finally see Matt Flynn?
GB +3.5 vs Houston – Houston looked a little shaky last week playing the Jets and GB can’t afford to fall another game behind the Bears, assuming the win
Pittsburgh -5.5 vs Tennessee – Lost
St. Louis +4 vs Miami
Philly -3.5 vs Detroit
Baltimore -3.5 vs Dallas
Oakland +9 vs Atlanta
Tampa -4.5 vs KC
Cleveland +2 vs Cincy
Arizona -4.5 vs Buffalo
Minnesota +2.5 vs. Washington
SF -6.5 vs Giants
Denver -1 vs. Houston