Brian Berger’s NFL Locks for Week #4

Guest post by @BSB84

Alright I’m back after a hiatus last week (although I did go 9-7 vs. my grandfather). I went 9-5-2 in week 2 and if we give myself 8-8 for week 3, I’m at 26-20-2 for the season.


Philadelphia -2 vs. New York Giants – Still makes no sense that the Eagle should be favored in this game with their turnover barrage and the fact that the Giants seem to be rolling now.
Green Bay -5 vs. NO – NO is in a bad way without Sean Payton and the NO defense is just what GB needs to get their offense rolling
St. Louis +1.5 vs. Seattle – Seattle clearly got lucky to win last game against GB and St. Louis isn’t as bad as they were last year
Minnesota + 6 vs. Detroit – Detroit can’t stop anyone. I expect a heavy dose of AP and Ponder looks to be the real deal after picking apart the best defense in the league.
Rest of the picks:
Buffalo + 3.5 vs. NE
Atlanta – 6 vs. Carolina
SF -3 vs.  NY Jets
SD – 3. vs. KC
Houston -10.5 vs. Tennessee
Arizona – 4.5 vs. Miami
Oakland +5.5 vs. Denver
Jacksonville +1 vs. Cincy
Tampa Bay -2 vs. Washington
Dallas – 3.5 vs. Chicago

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