Brian Berger’s NFL Locks for Week #8

Guest post by @BSB84

Ouch. An awful week last week, went 2-11, bringing my season record to 48-50-2. For the record, see screenshot below. (Remember folks, bet against Brian’s picks if you want to win some serious money)

This week’s picks
Eagles -3 vs Atlanta – No way the Eagles should be favored given the season so far, so go the other way

St. Louis +7 vs NE – NE clearly has a defense that can’t stop anyone

Cleveland +3 vs SD – We’ll see if SD forgot their pine tar or not
The rest of the picks
Tampa +5.5 vs Minny (win!)
Indy + 3.5 vs Tennessee
Green – 15 vs Jacksonville (don’t think they could make this line high enough)
Detroit – 2.5 vs Seattle
Miami +2.5 vs Jets
Chicago -7.5 vs Carolina
Washington +4.5 vs Pittsburgh
KC -1.5 vs Oakland (god this game sucks)
Giants -2 vs Dallas
NO + 6 vs Denver
SF -7 vs Arizona