Brian Berger’s NFL Locks for Week #5

Guest post by @BSB84


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Onto the picks.  After back to back weeks of going 3-1 and moving my record to 9-5-2 for the year I’m looking to keep things going strong.

Bills -1 over Jacksonville.  A little bit of a sucker bet here.  How are the Bills favored when they looked hapless against the Jets last week and the Jags beat Indy.  Plus it’s David Garrard on the road.

Vikings +4 vs Jets.  I know the Jets have looked good but I think Moss re-energizes Favrah.  Well either that or the dong pics (most definitely NSFW).

Indy -7.5 vs KC.  We don’t really know if KC is for real and I don’t expect Manning and the Colts to lose two games in a row. Big bounce back week for them in a route.

St. Louis +3 vs Detroit.  Bradford summoned The Spirits for this one  He’s been pretty good so far and I expect him to be able to move the ball against a porous defense.

If You Have Zero Game, This is Why You Should Settle for Your College Girlfriend

Guest Post by By Elizabeth Narins
If you’ve ever considered cutting ties from your current college fling — STOP. For real.

Post-graduation, you never know what you’re gonna get… but take our word for it: It’s likely to be a tough crowd. The competition is fierce since girls will think twice about hooking up with an entry-level dude. And kiss your sex life goodbye if you’re expecting to get laid after wining and dining a girl ONCE. At the very least, you’ve gotta grapple for a second date (yes, we mean date). What is that? You think getting a second date will be easy? Good fuckin’ luck. Exhibit A: One guy goes all-out with this ballsy plea for a second date… and the girl forwards it verbatim to a nine-chick panel for a joint consensus on whether to “yey” or “nay” him. Here’s his message and the panel’s response with the girl’s consensus to follow. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you about the tough crowd):

facebook box 1 Why You Should Settle for Your College Girlfriend

Read the rest of the article here… and see what happened next

Elizabeth Narins is an associate editor of and, and former contributor to’s Love Buzz blog, and didn’t settle for her college boyfriend.