11 Reasons Why This Is Going to Be the Best Decade Ever

11 Reasons <em>This</em> Is Going to Be the Best Decade

By Brian O’Connor for Style + Tech For Men

Technology rockets forward almost as swiftly as the aggregate IQ of the Jersey Shore cast moves in the other direction. And if what we’re seeing in this decade’s gestational period is a sampler of what’s to come, we’ll continue to see advances outpace Snooki’s suspect celebrity erosion. Here are some top signs of the good things to come:

Snooki: Getty Images
11 Reasons <em>This</em> Is Going to Be the Best Decade

The Flexible iPad

You ever wish you could roll up your iPad like it’s a newspaper? Well, EXTRA! EXTRA! That’s exactly the future that’s being developed by Sony, which exhibited a 13.3-inch flexible electronic device at Eco Products 2010 in Tokyo, merging tablet with tabloid, and computer tech with convenience.
11 Reasons <em>This</em> Is Going to Be the Best Decade

3-D Gaming

The future of gaming will be in 3-D on portable devices — without the stupid glasses. This year, Nintendo will introduce the groundbreaking 3DS console , which will immerse you even more deeply in “Resident Evil,” “Samurai Warriors” and other games that hone your serial-killer tendencies.

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