Video: Girl Gets Hit By Train and Then Walks it Off

People at the station rushed to her aid, wanting to take her to hospital, but she shrugged off all offers of help and continued on her way, insisting she was perfectly fine. According to an officer at Idalgashinna station, the young woman is an 18-year-old resident of the Wewagalwatte area. He added that since the accident she has been seen fit and well at the station several times.

It is a rare occurrence for an individual to be knocked down by a train, and actually live to tell the story. Such an incident was captured on tape near the Idalgashinna (Sri Lanka) train station recently. This incident was captured on tape by Prabhath Abeysiri of the Media unit of the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine.
Several days ago. Prabhath has accompanied the Deputy Subject Minister Salinda Dissanayake to Idalgashinna, in order to inspect the Haldamulla “Osu Uyana”.
Incidentally, it was at the same time that the Udarata Menike train approached the Idalgashinna train station from Colombo. It was while the footage was being obtained that a young woman was caught on tape, walking in close proximity to the train tracks. Those at the train station rushed to the woman’s aid, in a bid to take her to the hospital after the accident but even the by-standards made a huge effort to take the woman to the hospital, she did not consent. Subsequently, the young woman disappeared along the same rail track she arrived along with another youth. According to an officer at the Idalgashinna train station, the young woman is an 18 year old resident of the Wewagalwatte area. He noted that she was seen on several occasions after the accident occurred as well, at the same train station.