Product Review: The new Gillette BODY razor

it’s undeniable that body shaving is on the rise. a recent study conducted by gillette shows that 73% of u.s. men have shaved or trimmed some part of their body before, and 84% of men who currently shave at least one body part say they shave it year-round. but while body shaving is becoming more and more popular, men have largely been navigating without the proper tools, instead experiencing itchiness (50%), nicks and cuts (45%), and not being able to get a close shave (35%). add to the list that 58% of men said they believed a better razor would enhance their overall body shaving experience and it was obvious that it was time for gillette to step in.

the new gillette body razor features:

  • a rounded cartridge so it glides with incredible comfort
  • 3 lubricating bars for outstanding glide
  • non-slip grip for exceptional control, even in the shower

and here’s a quick infographic on body shaving 101. enjoy.



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