The Best Free Online Games

the best things in life are free as the saying goes, and the
same is true for games. who wants to be bogged down with registration forms and
bank card checks when you just want to play a quick game of angry birds? even
more so if you’re gaming on the go – nobody has the time to buy games or the
individual upgrades that come with them.

that’s why free games are the best. more often than not,
they are social games too, meaning that you can choose to link the game to your
social network (if it isn’t already a social network-only game) meaning you can
compete against friends, as well as give and receive game benefits allowing you
to progress through the levels. there have been many great popular social games
which have received great successes from this free and social gaming style. the
first one that springs to mind is candy crush, though angry birds and many
others fall under this list.

but as well as free social games which offer a great
distraction and help to lighten your daily commute, there are also free games
out there that allow you to win cash! that’s right, there are some games which
cost you nothing to play but which offer you the chance to win prizes and even
cold hard cash.

the most popular of these are bingo games. there are loads
of websites out there dedicated to offering all kinds of bingo varieties, but the
key is to look for free bingo games. the most common offer on bingo sites is a
no-deposit bonus, which basically means they’ll give you some free money to
play bingo with, just for creating a username and password. here, you can win
yourself some cash, though it may have to be wagered several times before you
can withdraw.

alternatively, look for bingo sites with free rooms, which
tend to offer lower jackpot amounts but still essentially allow you to win cash
for free.

so go on, why not have a go of some of these great free
online games today!

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