4 Best Things About Sports Betting in Las Vegas

guest post by @bsb84

i recently went out to las vegas with some friends for the first weekend of the ncaa tournament. this was a weekend we had been discussing for sometime and we were finally able to pull it all together. we got there late thursday night and spent all day friday and saturday in the sports-books watching college basketball (and horse racing) and betting constantly.  there was just so much to like about the whole experience (outside of nighttime activities):

  1. the ebbs and flows of the sports-book crowd as games come down to the wire and different people had different bets hanging in the balance (people were legit screaming as if they were watching their favorite team)
  2. the large screen tvs that are showing all of the action, plus the individual one you get at your seat so you can focus on the action that you want to focus on
  3. being able to look at the betting sheets and then just walking up to the teller giving her the numbers of the teams you want to bet and the type of bet and getting a ticket
  4. the free drinks

we had such a great time that we are already starting to talk about the same weekend for next year. onto more important things though before i leave, such as sports betting.

sports betting has always been a big interest of mine and it’s something that i do on a semi-regular basis. the ease with which to bet on sporting events while in vegas was unmatched and because of that, i got the itch to start doing it more once i returned.  check out the best usa sports book. it’s easy to sign up, make bets and find exactly what you need. i find myself going to the site everyday and perusing lines that i see value in.  if you can’t get to vegas, this is the next best option.

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