Casinos: A game of two sexes

though you may not realize it, casinos are a truly unisex phenomenon, with every fiber of their being and the very fabric of their appeal based around not just the male of the species, but women too. with this in mind, here’s our ‘his n her’ guide to the world of casinos:


game of choice: of course, every casino fan is different, and predicting someone’s favorite game can be harder than hitting the jackpot. jackpot capital casino is a great place to start online, here you can find your favorite casino niche and skill level and get in some useful practice! there are some intriguing trends in the kind of games men and women like to play that seem to be far more than mere coincidences.


take women and slots for instance. a very recent oregon state university study recently found that the majority demographic hitting the jackpot capital online slots is women between 55 and 60 years old, supporting a strong existing sentiment along the same lines. some have suggested a link between the love of playing slots amongst this demographic and a primal urge to feed things! poker meanwhile, is widely seen as a man’s game, though women have featured increasingly notably on pro tours in recent years.


lady luck: women play a key part in the universal mythology of the world’s casinos, as bringers of luck. some bizarre superstitions exist in chinese casinos, where some gamblers believe women will be more lucky during their time of the month. meanwhile, many craps players worldwide believe a first-time female roller to be a lucky charm. pregnant women are also widely considered to be bringers of good luck!


top five casinos for him and her:

1      the casino de monte carlo. for him – outdoor gaming terraces. for her – the salle blanche, sophisticated lounge with live music.

2      the venetian, macao. for him – olympic gold medal-winning boxer zou shiming’s debut pro bout (this april). for her – signature gondola rides.

3      the bellagio, las vegas. for him – club privé high-limit lounge. for her – newly remodeled resort rooms.

4      the golden nugget, las vegas. for him – bel air meeting room. for her – the hideout, secluded paradise pool.

5      the casino at the empire, london. for him – the carlsberg sports bar. for her – cocktail masterclasses


there’s clearly a staggering array of reasons for both men and women to be attracted to the world’s most famous houses of gaming, and the two sexes will always have a home together under the roofs of the bellagio and the casino de monte carlo. you can also bet your bottom dollar they’ll want to beat each other.

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