Celebrities and their sex toys

thanks celebrities, sex toys have moved from being a once taboo subject to a completely normal conversation. over the years, celebrities have continued to showcase sex toys in a positive, sometimes humorous light,and thus making toys more acceptable and much more likely to end up in your bedroom.

let’s look at some of the ways sex toys have permeated the celebrity pop culture.

kandi burress, one of the housewives from atlanta, was so drawn to sex toys that she teamed up with ohmibod and created her own line. she made a full line of toys, some of which are modeled after make up, so you can you travel stealthily with your toys. while she’s pretty d-list, her toys have received great reviews.

50 cent spoke out in 2005 about creating his own line modeled after his own appendage. he even wanted to make it blue. however, a product is yet to be seen.

sex toys haven’t just been made by celebrities, they’ve been made after them as well. if you have ever dreamed of having sex with jessica simpson, sarah jessica parker, lindsay lohan or lady gaga, you can now make your dreams become a reality. sex doll companies continue to turn out new celebrities ev ery year. some are even realistic looking. however, i’d avoid the lindsay lohan doll if they truly are modelled after celebrities.

if you’re a celebrity and you can’t make your own line or have a doll designed after you, you can always give one as a gift! back in 2010, eminem gave elton john and his partner, david, two diamond encrusted cock rings  as a wedding present.

many celebrities have also stepped out in support of their silicone friends. eva longoria confessed that she spent an entire daily set allowance on toys because she had forgotten to pack her own. halle berry spoke as an advocate for sex toys, noting that you have to embrace your body. she said that she even frequently shopped at the pleasure chest. and jenny mccartney even admitted to howard stern that she uses her pocket rocket on a regular basis.

and finally, sometimes celebrities get dragged into sex toy advocacy without even knowing it. earlier this year, scarlett johansson made headlines when she found out she was the face of a mexican sex toy company. the company had her positioned on their business cards to look like she was selling the toys. when the owner was asked about the cards, he said he had no idea who scarlett johansson was.

what celebrity will turn out a sex toy next? who will wind up on packaging? you never know what to expect in the fast and ever-changing world of celebrity-dom. want to try to keep up with your favorites though? head over to adameve.com and get your own stash going and see what all the fuss is about.

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