The internet and the law

there seems to be no limit on the ways the internet has changed how we do things. when we once relied on any number of mediums for our day-to-day tasks, we now rely on the internet for many of them. online access has made our lives simpler and more confusing at the same time. the issue of online gambling is a bit confusing because of the wide range of laws worldwide. but the questions about who can gamble online and who cannot have become more pertinent for people in our area over the past couple of years. new jersey has made legal at least some forms of internet gambling. so has delaware. and the issue is being debated in new york as well as many other states. so pa. wants in on the deal, too. the state legislature has appointed a committee to study the issue. (that’s what we need; another government study).

skill vs. luck

some of the questions surrounding the legality of online gambling are essentially the same as any other type of gambling. for instance, what exactly is gambling? many people would argue that a game such as poker isn’t necessarily a gambling game, since it requires elements of skill, acuity and money-management strategy to play – as opposed to, say, slots. but that could apply to thoroughbred horse racing or other types of sports betting, for that matter. and since the bookmaker, or house, has the advantage in any type of gambling, it is fair to say that players in general rely solely on the element of luck. then there is the question of enforcement of the law. let’s face it; people have engaged in wagering since there has been currency or stuff to barter. and the growth of online gambling in the past couple of decades has made it clear that there is little to keep the average joe from finding a website somewhere that will accept his deposit.

the “i” effect

so from a player’s perspective, playing a low-limit game online won’t bring the suits to your doorstep. the house perspective is a different matter. that’s where the nature of internet commerce comes in. for years, websites that are based overseas readily accepted players from the united states. since most forms of online gambling are legal and regulated in much of the world, there was little problem with u.s. players taking a “cyber trip” overseas and playing foreign casinos and sports books. as the popularity of online wagering became more evident, however, and the revenue stream more phenomenal, the u.s. government had to make americans conform. so congress passed a law prohibiting foreign internet gambling sites from accepting money from u.s.-based banks. through all of this, people can still find ways to play casinos online. it has become kind of like the weekly poker game in your buddy’s rec room; it’s technically illegal, but you don’t expect someone to flash a badge at a penny-ante game.

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