Top 10 Twitter Apps to Grow Followers

top 10 twitter apps to grow followers

if youíre just starting out on twitter, you may not know very many people already on there and might have a difficult time attracting followers. it also may be possible that your list of followers has stopped growing, and in some cases, a number of people may have decided to stop following you. fortunately, there are a number of fairly accessible applications that can be used with twitter that can help one to increase followers. the majority of these apps enable users to build a better platform for engagement on twitter, which allows for an increased presence and greater numbers of friends and followers. such apps can be used for networking purposes in business schools.

some of the most effective apps for building oneís followers are those related to trivia quizzes, polls, personality tests, or surveys. from a pragmatic point of view, these apps allow users to gain information from their visitors which may be related to specific products or other points of use for one who tweets. often, visitors are motivated to retweet the best such polls or quizzes, which eventually reach their followers. the goal is that in turn, those followers will not only participate in question and answer process, and also follow their original sender. snapapp allows users to tweet quizzes, personality tests, surveys and polls. other great ideas that can be used for marketing purposes may be found at online, such as the following:

  • who follows whom is another app that helps users increase their followers by allowing them to see the network of people that exist among users. the app can be used with a maximum of five accounts at a time, and enables users to see who those account holders keep in contact with. chances are, if you then follow those people who may have similar interests as you, theyíll follow you back.
  • retweet rank allows for users to gauge the popularity of their tweets by picking up retweeted stories and actually grading them based on the number of retweets theyíve got. this tells users which subject matter is most popular and allows them to pump out more, which should eventually increase followers.
  • friend or follow shows users if people they are following are following them, and delineates how many people are in turn following other users so that ìtweepsî will know which users are most beneficial to follow.
  • twtrfrnd is a great app that helps users decide whether or not to follow someone, since it reveals what interests people have in common and whether or not they are following people in common.
  • friendlynx is an invaluable app since it searches for oneís friends on facebook and matches them with their twitter names so users can transfer their facebook relationships to twitter.
  • retweetfollow gives a comprehensive list of people (and their followers) that have retweeted a certain userís info, which might otherwise be off the radar.
  • blurl eliminates tweets with useless chatter and finds the most informative tweets with url content that can be retweeted to meet new people.
  • peoplebrowsr gives lists of people by regions and interests that may be in common with a user.
  • friending topics shows users what subjects friends are talking about most, so users can use this info for additional followers.


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