Product Review: PaperMate’s New InkJoy Pen; The World’s Most Stolen Pen

prior to launching its new inkjoy pen, which paper mate predicts will soon become the “world’s most stolen pen,” the company surveyed 1,000 american office workers to get the facts aroun how prevalent pen theft is in offices across the country. the findings? every single one of 1,000 office workers surveyed has taken a co-worker’s pen, just about two-in-five (38%) have caught a colleague pilfering their pen, and 47% said they would take some action to get their pen back.

lucky for me, paper mate was able to send me some free samples of this new pen. even luckier for me, they also sent me a cool fingerprint safe for me to lock these bad boys away so my co-workers can’t steal them. it’s a good thing too, this pen is great. it is light and smooth, giving you that perfect scripture. so, if you’re in the market for some quality utensils, i’d definitely recommend checking these out.

in the meantime, here is a cool infographic on co-worker crime.

inkjoy is encouraging victims to create “wanted” posters of suspected pen thieves on the paper mate facebook page.  if you’ve ever wanted to unabashedly call out a pen thief, these posters can be shared across social networks, or printed and put up for all to see.

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