Product Review: Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

last week i received my gillette fusion proglide styler in the mail. for the next 10 days not a single blade was allowed near me so that i’d be able to test out the new 3 in 1 device on a full face of scruff and fuzz.  and the results are in, the styler is pretty damn good, but it certainly has its specific duties. if you have a full beard and want to lose it all together, then this product isn’t for you. however, the trimmer is great at being precise. it can take a soul patch or a goatee and cut off centimeters at a time, but if you’re looking to lose some serious length, you’ll need about an hour to chop away at it piece by piece.

the styler can slightly shorten any facial hair you have without making you nervous that you’re going to make a mistake. it is sharp, precise, and careful by only taking a bit off at a time. overall, this is definitely a product worth having on the shelf in your bathroom. it’s also pretty unique, i’ve never owned something that can shape facial hair so accurately and cautiously. i give it 2 mustaches up!

what is the gillette proglide styler?

want to add some flair to your facial hair style? introducing the gillette fusion proglide styler, the 3-in-1 facial hair styling tool that trims evenly, shaves closely and edges accurately. whatever facial hair style you choose, whether it’s a simple goatee, a thin chinstrap, or a clean shave with sharp sideburns, you’ll be able to master your best look, even in the shower. the gillette fusion proglide styler is watertight and totally safe to use in wet environments.

its braun-engineered power trimmer is designed for ultimate maneuverability and effortless, even trimming. no matter what the angle, the three exchangeable combs adapt to your contours and keep trimming length consistent. and with the ergonomic handle, grip and control are guaranteed from start to finish. once you’re done, all you have to do is open the trimmer’s door and easily rinse it under a stream of water.

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you can also buy it now here – only $19.99

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