UPDATE: Back-To-Back World War Champs Hat

i must have this back to back world war champs hat. who can make me one?




got this email today from zazzle. apparently they saw my post asking where i could get this hat. they then proceeded to make my day by sending me the hat! let it be known, zazzle.com is the coolest company ever! if you want to buy this hat as well, check em out here, only $16!!!


update #2:

got another email from nativesusa.com – they made their own version of the back to back world war champs hat, but their version is all pimped out. they even sent me a free version and it is sick. you can buy your own at http://nativesusa.com

check out the hat here:

now the only question is…which do i wear on july 4th?


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