Stay Active in Summer

the summer is back in again. this is the season when the sun suddenly gets angry and keeps releasing all the heat towards us. it is very difficult to stay active all day long when the sun shines so vividly right on the top of our head. humidity makes the situation even worse. we keep sweating in humid weathers. it is very normal to get tired or even get sick in summer. so let me tell you some very important tips to stay full of life in summer:

drinking plenty of water is the most important task in summer. we have to take an enormous amount of fluid in summer to stay healthy and active. the dehydrated body can easily suffer from fatigue, dizziness, a dry mouth, headaches, nausea or may even receive a heat stroke. every cell of our body needs the right amount of water to work properly. it flushes the toxins from our kidneys. it is very significant to keep our blood pressure and the temperature of our body normal. in the season like summer we can start sweating in just 10 minutes working outside. so drink water as much as you can in summer even if you are not thirsty. do not forget to keep water bottle with you while you go outside in the summer.

being hydrated is one of the main things in summer but the best part is that we do not only have to drink water to keep our body hydrated. there are many other food sources. we have to keep other fluid and mineral sources in our daily summer diet. include as much as fruits in your daily diet. watermelon, oranges, tart cherries, raspberries, grape fruits are some great source of fluid, nutrition and fiber. be fresh by playing casino online and live entertained. this fruits helps us to maintain our body heat in summer and keeps us fresh. also eat tomato. tomato contains lycopene which can reduce the sunburn about 30%. so eating tomatoes will save your skin from the scorching heat of summer. so eat the summer fruits and get the best out of summer.

another important aspect of being active and fresh in the summer is the hygiene. we need some extra effort to maintain the hygiene in summer. taking shower everyday becomes quite mandatory especially in summer. we have to take care of our skin also. do not forget to use the right sun-blocks before getting outside. though ultraviolet rays are the source of vitamin-d but in summer these rays can cause sunburn and even skin cancer. so follow these tips and enjoy the summer!

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