Fun Car Facts You Didn’t Know

if you are here, you must be a fan of everything that’s fun to do, see and hear online. i’m here for the same reasons and i’m also a big fan of cars. so if we also have that going, here are some fun facts on cars i know you are going to appreciate reading.


picnic tables for the honda

the honda crv came equipped with a picnic table. if you are aware with the first and also the second generations of the compact honda suv, you might have noticed something rather peculiar bout the models: they came equipped with a picnic table that could be flipped out – the tables were standard. probably the manufacturers thought about the importance of spending quality time with the family and since the suv is usually preferred by folks with kids. plus, buyers could also opt for a shower kit which didn’t belong to the standard features options of the car.  


the ford crown vic – last car that played cassettes

the ford crown vic was the last car that was able to play cassettes. look around; all cars allow you to use cd players and ipods, and the last car that enabled drivers to optionally play cassettes was produced in 2011. lexus and ford buyers of the newer models are no longer able to enjoy their favorite mixapes.


the ford mustang shelby gt500 – winning drag races

the very first mustangs designed within the first two years are some of the most appealing varieties for many. their simple styles and their amazing track work are two of the most powerful arguments in this regard. later models came along bringing the extra fun factor and drag races could definitely be won with the help of these cars.  i am talking about 355 horse power and 428 cubic-inch power blocks for the first models within the first two years. the shelby mustang was lucky enough to receive the full treatment: extra scoops and a more appealing style as compared to the previous models. the extra power and torque are also worth mentioning, anf the king of the road performance car model was released in the 1968. the shelby mustang odel in 1967 relied on tail lamps belonging to mercury cougar, and starting with 1968 the mustang started using lamps belonging to the ford thunderbird variety released in 1966.   


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