How Much McDonald’s Really Costs

today i learned, how much the ingredients at mcdonald’s actually cost – via


i’m a manager at a mcdonalds, i work at a fairly busy store, $300,000 in sales a month or so.

i can confirm a few of the costs off the top of my head. what some people also don’t realize is that there are many other costs associated with the food aswell. waste is a huge thing. our small store wasted over 800 pieces of regular meat (the kind on a big mac) last month alone.

keeping the food cost low is also why most mcdonald’s are able to give away product to customers who wait long times, had the wrong order, or were generally given poor service. we’re encouraged not to argue over a few cents.

another thing is that food needs to pay 100~ employees’ wage, repairs, upgrades, training hours, & many many more things.

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