The Real Web, Stand Up!

when you think about the web’s current format, its upgrade to html5, which is the latest code, there aren’t many things that can frustrate our attempts to enjoy great stuff right from the web browser window.

huh? you say?

basically, in 2013 the powers that be for our www decided to upgrade all its code. they decided to fix some of the deficiencies, which had made nasty things like plugins, flash and so on, required. they were needed to make the web fully multimedia.

now, the actual web can handle itself, thank you very much. no more need of flash, or shockwave, or some microsoft plugin, all requiring downloads. the browser is all you need. you can even play games in there!


having the real web

so what does it mean, now that the web that had been envisioned, and should have been made earlier, is finally here for us?

our online lives are just getting easier, folks! convergence is what they call it, in which lots of things like software and mobile devices pull together into something that works together.

so for example, we once needed to have separate gaming devices, whether consoles or hand-held. now, a smartphone handles all the gaming you would want — and the newest version of android even allows you to stick in popular joysticks and controllers.

did you get that one? a smartphone is basically a mobile gaming console now.

tip: go for a google nexus if you want the very latest operating system at all times.


branch out now!

there is really no excuse left not to go out onto the wide, wide web and start sampling more of the media it has available. it was always there, but it was sort of buried by exotic formats. html5 brings it all together, and that brings us all together, people.

you’re safe, don’t worry. the one thing you should always care about is the security of your online data, especially when buying stuff. the new web should be safer, and quicker, which is nice when you are waiting for an online transaction to confirm.


play a game

there are all sorts of things to see and hear and even play around with, too. games! there are tons of games on the web and for mobile devices. the mobile side of the web has been upgraded, too.

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