Funny Things To Do Online

when you’re bored whether at the office, at home, or on your vacation, you’re very likely to be grabbing your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and start looking for fun things to do, funny gifs, online games, funny youtube videos or facebook pictures, crazy tweeter tweets, you name it. today i decided to give you a few extra ideas on what to do when you feel bored, but not bored enough to turn your computer on and do a little browsing. after all, they say the perfect cure for boredom is feeding your curiosity.


do a little reading online

while reading online books is definitely an excellent way of spending your time online, you could read a couple of funny blogs if you are looking for something different. check out a few online diaries – here are plenty of web sites that are readily sharing other peoples secrets and confessions online, and if you are particularly interested in tv stars’ confessions and dirty secrets, there are plenty of online tabloids and magazines you could be reading.  


if you are searching for a different type of humor, you can check out some interesting wikipedia or national geographic articles. read a fascinating article on the effects of tetris or weird science experiments – they’ll definitely keep you busy.


let’s play a fun game!

jigsaw puzzles features thousands of pieces you can assemble online are one of the hottest attractions at the moment, and their popularity keeps on growing over time. do some research and come across the jigsaw puzzle categories you are most interested in – animals, cars, sports, nature etc – and start playing, you’ll be able to save your progress and return to you game whenever you feel like it. you are definitely going to be entertained for many hours.

if you have a thing for online tests, try a couple of emotional intelligence or iq tests. focus, take your time or hurry up if you have a certain number of minutes to complete a test and wait for your private results to be sent to your email. share your results with your friends via social networks if you think they are worth seeing.


casino games, strategy games, stimulation games – here are plenty of choices you could be also taking into consideration. play a fun childhood game that has been modernized with the help of 3d techniques.


it’s magic!

passionate about magic tricks? how about illusions? there are probably hundreds of web sites that focus their attention and content on fresh magical illusions and tricks. if you want to learn form the best, start with some simple card tricks and go over to your friends and co-workers and knock their socks off next time you see them.  

and speaking of casino games, check out a couple of top casinos and do real money gambling if you are a fan. you could also make some money while promoting some of your favorite casino brands the best way you can. try this place here and see if the affpower casino brands pose any interest to you – you could combine having fun online with making money out of it!

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