Jesse Heiman – The Kid That’s an Extra in Every Movie and TV Show

the world’s greatest extra

ladies and gentleman, meet jesse heiman. recognize him or not, you have 100% seen him on more than one occasion. he plays an extra in hundreds of movies and tv shows. he must have the best, or possibly worst, agent in the world.he typically plays the roles of high school students, but the funny thing is, he is 33 years old. once you know this face you will start to see him in everything. you can also follow him on twitter here: @jesseheiman — i direct messaged him once and he responded.

check out his imdb page here – however, it is grossly under credited for appearances not mentioned.

check out this video clip below that highlights some of his appearances

and now he’s not just an extra in every movie, jesse heiman is also an extra in every commercial. including this new godaddy commercial that premiered during the super bowl where he makes out with bar rafaeli. watch it here:

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