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  • Grungyrtronerd

    You know i watched Rango for the first time and I thought that the character of rango himself resembled Johnny Depps character as Raoul in Fear and loathing in Las Vegas. His additude much of the movie he was narrorating his thoughts clothing the way he spoke and even the way he walks!! I love Johnny Depp so much he is such a talented actor and did both roles excelllent!! I love both movies and thought it was so funny how much both movies had in common.. 

  • Joe Mangan

    the two movies are a complete mirror image. in one we have johnny depp as a drug fiending hallucinogenic junkie, using and abusing right in front of the “pigs'” faces but getting lucky and never getting into trouble. in the other, we have him as the same character but playing an incredibly lucky and incapable sheriff among – pigs. watch both movies on acid (if you are an open-minded individual) and the metaphors are so clear it’s overwhelming