Best Valentine’s Gift For a Guy? The Conair For Men i-Stubble

it’s tough to think of a gift to get a guy for valentine’s day. however, a beard trimmer is a great idea. i was actually in the market for a new one when the greatest thing happened. conair for men got in touch and offered me their newest model called the i-stubble for free to review on my blog. so, here is my review…

the i-stubble is absolutely amazing. hard to believe that those words could describe something as simple as a beard trimmer. however, from the moment i opened the box, this thing was impressive. instead of moving the different length clip up and down, it moves electronically (shocking at first, thought it was transforming into something from a michael bay movie). it’s also is easy to remove the clip which makes cleaning the hairs out an easy task. additionally, the digital screen tells you what length your cutting and how much battery life is left.

here’s what else makes the conair i-stubble “i-deal”:

  • electronic motorized length control system with 15 ultra-precise settings, so you can maintain your preferred facial hair style at all times
  • electrochemically formed blades with a clean, sharp edge that provides the most accurate trims on every face (from a .4mm shadow to a short beard with easy digital display)
  • floating contouring head, which tracks the curves of your face for accuracy and comfort
  • ergonomic design

the i-stubble is so new that it’s not even on store shelves yet. however, keep an eye out for this great product, which gets the perez solomon seal of approval! ladies, take my advice and get him something he wants.

the i-stubble comes out in march and will cost $59.99

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