Weekend Links

  1. the strangest athlete product endorsements ever. [bleacher report]
  2. super bowl of beers: wisconsin vs. pennsylvania. [coed]
  3. seven bad white rappers we found online. [holy taco]
  4. vicious, brutal, unconscionable tickle-fight bullying attack caught on video. [barstool nyc]
  5. girl scout cookies i wish existed. [college humor]
  6. miniature tv shows are miniature. [next round]
  7. the 10 hottest funny chicks on tv [complex]
  8. lovely lady of the day: jill wagner [hot clicks]
  9. charity hodges at the beach [regretful morning]
  10. 12 annoying and obnoxious people you will meet at a super bowl party [the bachelor guy]
  11. best. laugh. ever. [gunaxin]
  12. 5 bucket list items to cross off in 2011 [shave magazine]
  13. the 9 best qb match-ups in super bowl history [brobible]
  14. ohio state recruit arrested for assault [alwayssunnyindetroit]
  15. 5 reasons to watch the super bowl [turd ferguson]
  16. random wtf!?!? [h8torade]
  17. girlfriend do’s and dont’s [mankind unplugged]
  18. curb your enthusiasm season 8 behind the scenes via [the school philly]

superbowl prediction

brought to you by burt reynolds

packers 27 – steelers 17

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