11 Reasons Why This Is Going to Be the Best Decade Ever

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by brian o’connor for style + tech for men

technology rockets forward almost as swiftly as the aggregate iq of the jersey shore cast moves in the other direction. and if what we’re seeing in this decade’s gestational period is a sampler of what’s to come, we’ll continue to see advances outpace snooki’s suspect celebrity erosion. here are some top signs of the good things to come:

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<p><strong>the flexible ipad</strong></p>
<p>you ever wish you could roll up your ipad like it’s a newspaper?  well, extra! extra! that’s exactly the future that’s being developed by  sony, which exhibited a 13.3-inch flexible electronic device at eco  products 2010 in tokyo, merging tablet with tabloid, and computer tech  with convenience.<br />
<img class=3ds console , which will immerse you even more deeply in “resident evil,” “samurai warriors” and other games that hone your serial-killer tendencies.

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<p><strong>stink tv</strong></p>
<p>using ink-jet technology to emit tiny pulses of scent, japanese  scientists have developed the groundwork for smell-o-vision tv. although  it currently features only “ingredient” scents like mint and lavender,  eventually we’ll be able to smell the exact aroma of what’s pictured  on-screen. soon everything on tv will <em>really</em> stink.</p>
<p><span style=image: http://www.behance.net/gallery/smellit-taste-your-movies-like-you-never-have/141582
11 reasons <em>this</em> is going to be the best decade” width=”132″ height=”186″ /></p>
<p><strong>car clicker</strong></p>
<p>the brand new <a href=my bmw remote app lets you preset the interior temperature of your car from blocks away or lock the doors back in the parking lot long after you got on the commuter train. with your iphone and this free app, you can also track your car wheels via gps on nights when it hits the town without you, or activate the horn and headlights so it can’t ever hide from you.

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11 reasons <em>this</em> is going to be the best decade” width=”110″ height=”154″ /></p>
<p><strong>garment of youth</strong></p>
<p>can a t-shirt keep you young? a new luxury fiber called <a href=nylgold features 24-carat gold nanostructures that provide moisturizing and anti-aging benefits for the skin. initial efforts from its manufacturer, nylstar, will focus on underwear, and future plans include t-shirts, stockings, socks, and therapeutic and wellness wear. so dress up: you’ll not only look better, you’ll feel better!
11 reasons <em>this</em> is going to be the best decade” width=”123″ height=”175″ /></p>
<p>the recent introduction of <a href=intel’s wireless display (widi) was one giant leap toward making the internet accessible through your tv. intel’s latest core iseries processors, currently found in more than 50 laptop models, communicates to an included receiver box that connects to your tv. but upcoming widi-ready tvs will eliminate the receiver-box middleman.
11 reasons <em>this</em> is going to be the best decade” width=”141″ height=”197″ /></p>
<p><strong>smart fiber</strong></p>
<p>british scientists have developed a “smart fiber” capable of drawing  and harnessing energy from its wearer’s body movements. in the interests  of the advancement of science, the goal is to then transmit that energy  to your favorite toys! “the immediate applications will be mobiles,  laptops, mp3s, ipads — anything that requires batteries to run,” says  professor elias siores of university of bolton institute for materials  research and innovation. if we could just harness the vast power of our  used sweat socks, we could control the world!<br />
<img class=terrafugia transition will get you 35 mph on the highway and 115 mph in the air, making this the only aircraft capable of making a sortie to a fast-food drive-through.
11 reasons <em>this</em> is going to be the best decade” width=”128″ height=”182″ /></p>
<p><strong>apple iphone 5</strong></p>
<p>the latest iphone upgrade due out later this year makes older  versions look like a pair of tin cans and a string. this one comes with  an oled screen and improved 64 gb memory. it also has a <a href=gps navigation feature and hd audio quality. you can synchronize with itunes or serve up video chat. iphone 5 also has advanced graphic chips and dual-core processors for improved image and video resolution. advanced info also has it that it will include a projector for wall or flat-surface presentations. also? you can make phone calls on it.

image credit: http://goo.gl/ddbya
11 reasons <em>this</em> is going to be the best decade” width=”141″ height=”199″ /></p>
<p><strong>the benddesk</strong></p>
<p>the <a href=workspace of the future can be in your office today. the setup combines a flat desktop with a vertical computer screen in one unit. the display curves up from a horizontal plane to a vertical plane where you can move digital pictures or files with the touch of your finger.
11 reasons <em>this</em> is going to be the best decade” width=”119″ height=”168″ /><br />
<strong>personal drone</strong></p>
<p>the <a href=swinglet cam is your eye in the sky — a flying camera that takes high-resolution pictures based on gps waypoints you’ve programmed into it. perfect for mossad-style reconnaissance or just high-tech voyeurism, the swinglet comes with a rechargeable battery, radio modem, remote control, and software for flight planning and monitoring.

brian o’connor is a print and online journalist. he is a former contributing editor at men’s fitness and executive editor at genre. he has also written for slate, san francisco weekly and the new york daily news, among other publications.

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