Top 8 Cheesesteaks in Philly

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check out the top 8 cheesesteaks in philly

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a retard’s guide (or non-philadelphian’s guide) on the correct way to order a cheese steak:

1. say the name of the cheese you want
2. say “with” or “without” (meaning with or without fried onions)
3. example: a cheese steak with american cheese and fried onions= american with

here are the top 8 cheese steaks in philadelphia. well actually, the world, for that matter.

8. aldo’s pizzarama
location: 10201 bustleton ave
philadelphia, pa 19116

you might live in philadelphia, and still have yet to hear of aldo’s. as a george washington graduate, aldo’s was the spot. the pizza is excellent and aldo’s gives you the customer-employee relationship everyone loves. the cheese steaks are always hot, fresh, and are extremely underrated.

recommended: pizza steak

7. tony luke’s

location: 39 e. oregon ave.
philadelphia, pa 19148

tony luke’s is another place with a great, traditional, philly atmosphere. as far as the cheese steaks go, while they are definitely really good, i think they are somewhat overrated. the roast pork is the sandwich to get at tony luke’s, but i’ll sometimes get a cheesesteak.

recommended: wiz with

6. jim’s steaks
most popular location: 400 south st
philadelphia, pa 19147

if you prefer your steak chopped rather than not chopped, than jim’s is one your top choices. jim’s, a philly staple since 1939, has the best cheese steak in philly, with chopped meat that is. personally, i prefer the sliced slabs of meat, but i still love jim’s.

recommended: wiz with

5. pat’s king of steaks

location: 1237 e passyunk ave
philadelphia, pa 19147

pat’s is philadelphia’s so called, king of steaks. i’m not buying it. while pat’s is historic, founded in 1930, the sandwich is not the best. pat’s has become a tourist attraction, and while there’s no better philadelphia experience/atmosphere, especially after a big philly sports win, there are better cheese steaks. pat’s is mostly concerned about quickness these days, much because of the constant long lines.

recommended: wiz with

4. geno’s steaks

location: 1219 south 9th street
philadelphia, pa 19147

around since 1966, geno’s is across the street from pat’s, making this area the best atmosphere for a philly cheese steak. geno’s which has a little better sandwich than pats, and much more lively display and appeal to their restaurant, is still not the best sandwich in philly. like pats, geno’s has become historically known, and is also focused on quickness rather than freshness.

recommended: wiz with
the move: don’t be a puss
. get one from pat’s, then walk across the street, and get one from geno’s. see which is better.

3. wit or witout

northeast location: 9970 roosevelt boulevard
philadelphia, pa 19115

wit or witout is a newer cheese steak place in philadelphia, and the sandwich is delicious. modeled after steve’s prince of steak’s, which we will get to later, wit or witout is almost as good. the atmosphere is new and not yet established, but there are plenty of tv’s, very good pickles, and it is clean.

recommended: american with

2. chink’s steaks

location: 6030 torresdale avenue
philadelphia pa 19135

chink’s is located in tacony, pa and is the one of the cheese steak traditions of the northeast. it’s small, it’s old school, it’s not clean, but who cares. it’s fuckin’ delicious. plus, they have great milkshakes and sodas.

ps. recently, chink’s was ridiculed for its name, as the asian community was offended. they still eat the cheese steaks though.

recommended: american with

1. steve’s prince of steaks

original location: 7200 bustleton ave.
philadelphia, pa 19149

simply the best. steve’s opened in 1980, inspired by pat’s and geno’s. steve’s is the creator of the “american wiz”, which is melted and liquid, like cheese wiz, but it is american cheese. in the northeast we say, a tourist goes to pat’s or geno’s, but people that know cheese steaks go to steve’s.

recommended: american with

others considered: dalessandro’s, john’s roast pork

let us know your thoughts and what we missed!

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