Fun Things To Do On Facebook

in case you are wondering what sort of fun stuff you could do on facebook, besides chatting with your buddies and liking pictures or reading silly comments – as long as you’re already there – check out a few ideas i took the time to gather for you.


change your personal details for a few laughs

one of the truly fun things you could do online – as long as you are prepared to face some potential drama if a girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse is involved – is to change some personal data and see what happens. you could change your birthday to the next or previous day and observe who wishes you happy b-day too early or too late. a few folks might eventually catch on, so make sure you let them know what is going on o you can keep on playing games with the rest of your friends. you can change your relationship status and see how people react – you may or may not want to tell your current partner about the change – it depends on whether you want to take them out for a spin or avoid causing a mild heart attack.

speaking of, you can also change your status to “married” and invite one of your facebook friends to confirm your “proposal”. change your political view information by adding a really strange political party. see if your friends notice you have changed your location to an exotic place and watch their reactions.   


take crazy, random pictures and post them

you can take some silly webcam pictures together with your friends and use a special software you can find for free online to upload random pictures that are going to make everyone laugh and comment. add crazy hairdos or change your outfits and accessories so you become unrecognizable. there are tons of effects you can play around with and the fun is guaranteed.


use funny tongue twisters as your facebook statuses    

  you can constantly bring updates to your facebook status by using funny tongue twisters that will make your visitors laugh. x likes the people like you who like others like me and make the others like me to like others like you. x saw sally selling seashells by the seashore. these are just a couple of fine examples of such statuses that are going to bring a smile on both your face and on your friends’ face. also, chuck norris statuses are probably never going to lose their charm. write down x doesn’t sleep, he rests, x being your name of course. or x doesn't mow his lawn, he stands outside and dares it to grow.  

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