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looking for a new hot site to bookmark and go to every time you’re feeling down, depressed, tired, or too bored to do anything? excited about checking out some brand new memes or some hilarious gifs, or play some of the hot games i’m recommending. digital gaming or men’s life today are just a couple of the lifestyle magazines i’m currently recommending, and i strongly advise you to keep an eye on the hot chicks; page – you’re definitely in for a nice treat! but in the meanwhile, i thought i should introduce to you some curious facts on some hilarious sports. 


curious facts about funny sports

for generations, gamblers and people just seeking a fun game have found enjoyment in blackjack. the game has a rich history, dating back at least 400 years and likely longer. the premise of blackjack is simple, and that’s why so many people have been able to find pleasure in playing.


bull descending


one of the most funny sports is dressage and descend on the bulls. these sport types are actively unwind the past two years. in competitions for dressage modern cowboy sits on a bull, grabs his gear and waits until the gate opens. bull weighing over a tonne of jumps into the arena, and only then it will throw a rider, jump and butt. before the arena rings a bell the performance is over. cowboy (athlete) should fall off the bull, so that nothing breaks down. the sport is very dangerous.


downhill bulls


another kind of bull strange sports – downhill bulls – was successfully developed in wyoming (usa). the competition is very spectacular and attracts a lot of tourists. riding the bull must go down the road to the ski slalom. naturally, you must resist as long as possible. the one that would go further than others on the highway is the winner.


shooting at the pins


shooting at the pins is another sports for fun. these types of sports is practiced in russia, buryatia and altai. the story of the sport dates back to the scythians and huns. shooting at the pins of the bow was one of the traditional asian species along with kodurge tash (lifting stones) or climbing on a cedar in speed. it requires nine pins. one shoots from different distances: 40 and 30 yards – men, 30 and 20 yards – women.


dolphin racing


racing on dolphins is one more unusual sport popular in the u.s. in states where there is an aquarium. “rider” must weigh at least 50 kilograms. in the “dolphin-jockeys” are usually employees of the aquarium. participation in the race for them is a means to attract attention and earn extra. while you may not find such crazy competitions at this website in the games’ section, we can assure you that the casino games you will discover there are going to keep you busy for quite a while.


underwater hockey


underwater hockey is one more kind of funny sports. two teams with short sticks move the puck along the bottom of the pool towards the gates of the enemy. teams consist of six athletes plus four substitutes. during the meeting, you can make two changes. game – contactless, is forbidden to repel the free bets players. washer can only lead stick. the match lasts two periods of 15 minutes. underwater hockey is actively developing in canada, australia, new zealand, zimbabwe, united states, japan, south africa, colombia, belgium, holland and france.




snowrafting is a cool sport – snow fun – that does not require special skills. everyone can try and quickly achieve great results. what is the point? we descend a steep path through the snow on a raft for white water rafting. in descent there involved a maximum of six teams and the steering, which keeps the raft in the fairway. it is completely safe for the participants: most importantly they should sit deep inside the raft and wear helmets as on this rafting. you could try to look for some sports themed slot games at while training for the next snowrafting competition. 


no-snow sled dog race


sled dog race without snow is already quite a hyped sport. the last european championship was held in the german town of rastede. there competed 300 athletes from 19 countries. eight medals, including six golds, were won by the athletes from norway, germany and the czech republic.


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