A Film Review of “127 Hours” in 127 Words

here is the review of danny boyle’s new film “127 hours” starring james franco, in 127 words…

danny boyle pulls off yet another unlikely hit, this time through the exploration of true life outdoorsman turned overnight celebrity aron ralston.  he superbly and swiftly illustrates the careless adventuring of ralston in a way that makes the story both accessible yet unthinkable. indeed, the juxtaposition of ralston’s bandwagon adventure to his harrowing hours stuck in endless darkness is masterfully executed and moviegoers connect with ralston despite the unfathomable circumstances he finds himself.

james franco was a smart choice for boyle, as his monologue and struggle was the difference in what had the danger of being an otherwise tedious exercise in human pain. franco, never over sensationalizing, hits the severity and absurdity of the situation spot on and carries the movie to a triumphant, albeit gruesome, finale.

h/t to becca via @bsb84

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