In Honor of National Unfriend Day, November 17th, Here Are 10 Reasons to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

today is november 17th, national unfriend someone on facebook. so, according to, here are 10 reasons to unfriend someone on facebook, in case you needed some help in deciding how to unfriend someone.

  1. they’re your parents
  2. they’re your ex
  3. you don’t know them
  4. you would never say hi to them in real life
  5. the invite you to a million events
  6. they are in looooooovvvveeee, and don’t shut up about it
  7. they bring you down
  8. the send you dozens of quizzes and game invites
  9. you’ve already hidden them from your newsfeed
  10. you don’t want them to privy to your social media life


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