Brian Berger’s NFL Locks for Week 6

sorry for no pictures.  solomon is out of town and i don’t have the patience right now to figure this out.

fucking favre.  not only does he dominate the offseason with his waffling but if he does anything other than throw a pick 6 at the end of that game i cover and go 2-2 for the week (10-8-2 for the year).  but no, not the gunslinger kid who is just having fun out there, who missed a wide open percy harvin a few plays before which would have probably gotten them into field goal position.  he sucks.  onto this weeks picks.

sf -6 vs oakland.  classic sucker bet in my opinion.  sf is winless, their coach/qb incompetent and arguing, the raiders just ended their 13 game losing streak against the chargers but yet sf is favored.  doesn’t make any sense.  vegas is begging you to take oakland and the points, i’ll do the the opposite

kc +4.5 vs houston.  there is something about the chiefs.  they fly around on defense, have some good young players on the offensive side (cassell not included because he blows) and played the colts close on the road.  plus as always, once the texans start to get a little bit of notoriety they fold immediately.

pittsburgh -13.5 vs cleveland.  return of big ben+one of the best defenses in football+rookie qb making his first start against said defense=blowout.

chicago -6.5 vs seattle.  seattle is an awful awful road team.  they covered on the road once last year and that was against  st. louis who won one game.  their last cover on the road against a team not named st. louis was all the way back in week 10 2008! against miami


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